Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – How To Get Exquisite Lionberry Fiber

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, there are various types of resources we can find and collect with the help of Na’vi senses. The better quality of materials such as Superior or Exquisite increases the stats considerably when it is used as a crafting ingredient. Therefore, the demand for Exquisite materials is too high for any Na’vi merchant to fulfill. If you are searching or looking for the source of Exquisite Lionberry Fiber, then worry not as we have explained everything you need to know about it.

How And Where To Get Exquisite Lionberry Fiber In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

If you check the Hunter’s Guide, Lionberry will be listed in Fiber Tab i.e. used to craft waist materials. The common or Fine version of Lionberry will be found in the Bamboo Grove biome of the Kinglor Forest, however, you will have to look around River’s Embrace in the south of the Silk Woods to harvest the rarer and higher quality Lionberry.

The best quality of the Lionberry is produced or harvested during the daytime. Unlock the “Stable Hands” skill from the Maker to easily and quickly harvest the crafting materials and ingredients in Pristine condition.

Next, make sure that you have driven away the RDAs and destroyed their Facilities or Outposts to heal nature. This will allow new resources to grow and have a higher chance of producing a better quality if all the harvesting condition is satisfied.

As we have seen many friendly Na’vi merchants keep higher quality materials in their stock. Though it is not a reliable source of farming resources but it is one of the ways that can get your hands on these better-quality resources.

If you want to learn how to get all the Superior and Exquisite materials easily then we have explained what you need to do in our previous guide.

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