Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – How To Get Exquisite Ingredients Ez

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, it is easier to explore all the biomes when you have unlocked Ikran. The maps are rich in resources but the most problematic part of harvesting or gathering the ingredients and materials is that they will always be in Fine condition. What wrong are we doing?

While collecting the ingredients or materials in a Pristine condition we are stuck with Fine resources. What should we do to collect Superior or Exquisite ingredients all the time? In this guide, we have explained everything you need to look out for gathering higher-quality ingredients in every biome.

How To Get Exquisite Ingredients Easily In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

The resources or ingredients that you are aiming for need their condition to be satisfied i.e. they should be Pristine and Wet/Dry while getting plucked. This is not all, due to the RDA Facilities pollution level is increasing. You will be required to purge all the RDA bases and members of them to cleanse the biome.

Clearing the RDA Facility will allow nature to heal and grow resources again. All we need to be aware of is that when harvesting its conditions need to be fulfilled. To gather the resources easily, you can unlock the “Stable Hands” skill i.e. present under Maker.

Next, you can craft or cook a meal Navao’s Niktsyey which is a recipe to see Superior and Exquisite gatherables without activating your Na’vi senses. The meal will also increase your base health by up to 35%. To cook this meal, you will require Pod Fruit (Superior) and Feather Blade Seed (Superior).

Both of these ingredients can be farmed in the Wild Purple Steppe biome at Upper Plains. These resources can be found abundant and common in certain regions which have a high chance of getting Fine quality ingredients. The rare version of the resources is found in certain areas and regions which always has a high chance to get at least Superior if not Exquisite.

If you want to learn how to craft an Exquisite So’lek’s Furtive Longbow then we have explained where to farm all the Exquisite crafting materials in our previous Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora guide.

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