Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Exquisite So’lek’s Furtive Longbow

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraThere are various types of Bows you will be able to equip in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora i.e. Longbow, Shortbow, and Heavybow. Among the designs of Longbow, if you have found the Exquisite So’lek’s Furtive Longbow which allows the users to shoot Grenade Arrows, then it is recommended to craft and increase your power to retaliate against all the enemies of nature. Here’s everything you need to know if you are crafting or searching Exquisite So’lek’s Furtive Longbow.

How To Craft Exquisite So’lek’s Furtive Longbow In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

So’lek’s Furtive Longbow design can be obtained from the enemies or chests. Once you have unlocked the design, you can craft this Exquisite Longbow on any Crafting Table. The strong Longbow which supports explosive arrows and has a Payback perk that allows the user to deal +30.00% damage for 20 seconds after breaking the line of sight from hostile enemies for 5s.

To craft So’lek’s Furtive Longbow which is an Exquisite Crafting Design, we would require 3 main ingredients or crafting materials for it i.e. Branch, Bast, and Horn. The quality of the Branch mentioned below is the minimum quality i.e. required to craft So’lek’s Furtive Longbow.

  • Any Branch (Exquisite)
  • Any Bast (Superior)
  • Any Horn (Fine)

If you use and invest all the Exquisite materials on Bast and Horn the base damage will be drastically increased. Therefore under the Branch, you can go for the Exquisite Moonwood Branch which will increase the damage when fully drawn.

For the Bast, you can opt for any Exquisite material such as Clouded Lily Bast or Kinglor Forest Sol’s Delight Bast. Finally, for the horn, you can opt for Bladehead Horn which increases 8% RDA damage. If you use Kinglor Forest Sol’s Deligh Bast, you can stack up the damage against RDA units.

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