Lethal Company – How To Use Signal Translator & Send Message

Lethal CompanyThe Frosty Update – Version 45 in Lethal Company has added many new features, items, and monsters for all the new Interns who signed up to scavenge the scraps. Among the updates, there is a specific ship upgrade i.e. added to boost up the veteran scavengers survivability by sending them crucial information during the expedition. If you are confused or searching for the command to use the Signal Translator then we got your back for you on the moon.

How To Use Signal Translator & Transmit Message To Everyone In Lethal Company?

You can access the Store and purchase the listed Ship Upgrade i.e. a “Signal Translator” for 255. Once installed in your ship, you can send short messages or codes to all your mates even though they do not have any Walkie-Talkie available.

To relay the message, you need to access the Terminal and write the command “transmit” followed by the message. For example- “transmit Run“, the message Run will be displayed on every crew member’s monitor or visual including your own.

The length of the message you can transmit is 9 words only. So create a code or send a small but distinct message to direct anyone from your ship. For more informative and beginner guides on Lethal Company, check on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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