Lethal Company- How To Get The Shotgun?

Lethal Company

The new Frosty update of Lethal Company has added multiple features and nerfed the Forest Giants who easily killed the Interns on the moon. With the addition of new cosmetics and items, a new enemy or monster Nutcrackers is also introduced to the game which wields a shotgun. If you are wondering how to kill that enemy or if is there any way you can get the shotgun then your curiosity will be satisfied as we have covered everything in this guide.

How To Get The Shotgun In Lethal Company?

If you are lucky and spot a Nutcracker the all-new monster who blasts a complete shotgun shell at your face at point-blank range surprisingly drops the Shotgun if you defeat him. Well, defeating is another story unless you have a perfect team who can execute the plan flawlessly.

Stunning him with your Zap gun or Stun gun and pummeling the Nutcracker with your Shovel is the only way to go. Execution may differ from player to player but either way, you can kill that monster or grab it from his hand. You have both the option which will let you have the Shotgun in your Inventory.

A single shell of a shotgun takes a whole slot of your inventory. You must have already experienced the power of the Shotgun firsthand, so it is one of the most powerful weapons i.e. introduced late in the game. Getting a Shotgun will increase your survivability but getting first is another story which not everyone will be alive to tell the tale.

Currently, you cannot purchase the Shotgun from the store as it is still not listed. The only way to get a Shotgun of your own is to snatch one from the Nutcracker. Do not forget to thank him for this generous gift!

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