Lego Fortnite – Where To Find Sand Wolves

Lego FortniteEach biome has different flora and fauna in Lego Fortnite. Even the caves provide different resources in each biome. However, you will need specific tools to farm and mine in each region which makes rushing your village level and Crafting Bench to the max. During the process, you will be on your way to find specific species of animals or vegetation to gather materials. If you are wondering how and where to find Sand Wolves then it is quite simple.

Where To Find Sand Wolves In Lego Fortnite?

Sand Wolves are found only in the Dry Valley or Desert biome. They drop Sand Claw which is an essential material to craft various stations and items. The problem is that the Sand Wolves are way stronger as they reside in the Tier 2 zone.

It is recommended to bring your villager with you and provide him with an essential weapon to fight. While your villager takes the aggro, you can shoot from a distance or get close and personal. Crossbow is an excellent choice at the beginning but as you level up your gear and increase health, Sand Wolves will not be a threat anymore. The spawn are quite random and sometimes they are harder to find. It is better to search for the Sand Wolves during the day as well as at nighttime.

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