Lego Fortnite – How To Unlock Majestic Manors & Shogun Palace

Lego FortnitePrefabs are the premade building designs that can be built in your Village at Lego Fortnite. There would be few designs that are unlocked from the beginning when you host or join a new world. After advancing to a certain degree you will be able to unlock new recipes for Utility Stations, furniture, or Prefab buildings. If you are wondering how to unlock Majestic Manors and Shogun Palace then this guide is for you.

How To Unlock Majestic Manors And Shogun Palace In Lego Fortnite

To understand how to unlock Majestic Manors and Shogun Palace, you need to know these preset building recipes will be unlocked once you place the Village Square or Village Hub in Grasslands. To increase your population, you can create multiple Village Squares.

Focusing on building multiple Village Squares or Village Hubs, you will need to create a Village Square at Dry Valley and another at Frostlands. Creating and announcing your village in Dry Valley will unlock Majestic Manors whereas creating a village square in Frostlands will unlock Shogun Palace. Upgrade the Village Square or Hub to unlock new recipes for the respected villages.

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