Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Location Of Superior Sky Rock Moss

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraSky Rock Moss is a crafting material in the Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora that will be used to craft the Torso or Body armor. These resources are found in several locations across the whole map. However, these resource conditions can be easily disrupted if you do not pull them out carefully. Usually, they are in Pristine condition and if harvested carefully in the rain they will be at their finest quality.

TheĀ  Sky Rock Moss also have multiple quality that ranges from Fine to Superior quality. The Superior quality of Sky Rock Moss are little difficult to find unless you have a specific mount that can take you to the sky. As intended and named the Sky Rock Moss is at its finest when harvested from the higher altitude. If you are wondering where to find and farm Superior Sky Rock Moss then read this guide to the end.

Location Of Superior Sky Rock Moss In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

The Superior Sky Rock Moss can be found in the Kinglor Forest at great heights. Once you have unlocked your Ikran which is your flying mount, you will be able to access and explore everything uninterruptedly. So if you have still not unlocked the Ikran then continue the main storyline Take Flight.

You will find multiple floating rocks in the air, you can access those high-altitude areas as you have Ikran in your possession. At Kinglor Forest, South of Gossamer Lakes you will find Shadow Wood which is a Big Leaf Biome. Enter the Boundless Range and you can scan or highlight the resources to find the Superior Sky Rock Moss attached to the trees. It is recommended to harvest the Sky Rock Moss during the rainfall when it’s soaking wet.

The condition to get a Superior Sky Rock Moss is that you will need a skill known as “Stable Hands” under a Maker Tab or farm in a clean environment. You can reduce the pollution level by completing and destroying the RDA bases.

These Superior Sky Rock Moss spawn after 24 hours so you can farm repeatedly if you know and discover more areas. Also, look out for the merchants in various settlements who might be selling superior Sky Rock Moss.

If you have not acquired a Soft Landing Skill or a Trophy “No Easy Prey” then check these respective guides.

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