The Finals – Best Medium Build Loadout For Beginners

The Finals

In Finals, multiple teams fight against each other to cash out the vault and be the best one standing. Each team consists of three players and in this game, there are three classes. These three classes are light, medium, and heavy.

The work of a light-class player will be to capture the vault, harass the opponent’s team, and backstab opponents. At the same time, the medium-class role is to provide backup to both light and heavy-class players. The heavy role is to be the frontline defender for the whole team. Below you will find a brief guide on the best medium build loadout for beginners.

The Finals – Best Medium Build Loadout For Beginners


The best specialization for the medium build will be the healing beam. This ability helps your heavy class survive the battle and provide backup to the team. You can heal your teammates by standing behind a shield or after finding a safe space. The Turrent ability can also distract the opponent or guard the vault and cashout box.


The best weapon for the medium build will be the AKM at the beginning which is the default weapon. The weapon is very effective in medium and long-range but you need to control the recoil. You can check out our previous guide on the best weapon for each class.


For gadgets, you need the jump pad to reach high places or surprise the opponents from above. Frag grenades to destroy objects, displace enemies, and break the ceiling or floor of the cashout box. The defibrillator quickly revives your teammates during an intense battle.

To revive your teammates you need to channel for 4-5 seconds which gives the opponent enough time to kill you. With the defibrillator, you can revive them in seconds after which they can provide backup in the fight quickly. Sonar grenade can also be added to the loadout as it detects the opponent camping or hiding while defending the cashout.

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