The Finals – Best Light Build Loadout For Beginners

The Finals

The Finals is a fast-paced first-person shooter game where multiple teams compete against each other to gather maximum money. At the end of the game, the team with the highest amount or the team that reaches a particular amount first will win the match.

In this game, there are three different classes light, medium, and heavy and each class has its own unique set of weapons and abilities. Below you will find a brief guide on the best loadout you can use for the light class.

The Finals – Best Light Build Loadout For Beginners

In a loadout, you will find three types of items which are specialization, weapons, and gadgets. The specialization is the class ability and each class has three unique abilities. The weapons are the guns and there are different types for each class. The gadgets are the grenades and tools that help you during your attack or defend in a battle.


The best weapon to select for the light class is the M11 SMG or the V9S pistol. The M11 SMG has a high fire rate and is available from the beginning. The V9S pistol deals heavy close to medium-range damage but needs to be unlocked.

You can keep the V9S in the reserved loadout and can switch to the main if you are not a fan of using SMG guns. With M11 you can kill a light or medium opponent using a single magazine. The gun lacks in long-range fight, but with light class you can get near the opponent and this gun will enough damage in medium and close range to kill your opponents


For the light class specialization, you can use the Evasive Dash to quickly get out of sticky situations or to catch an enemy off-guard. You can use the cloaking device to get behind enemies or escape and get some health. But sometimes the enemies can see through your cloaking device as it doesn’t turn you invisible completely. If your medium class doesn’t have a jump-pad having the grappling hook can help you reach higher places.


For the gadgets you can keep a pyro grenade if none of your teammates have any items to destroy the goo. Pyro grenades can be used to displace enemies camping the cashout box or defend the cashout box from the opponent. Smoke grenades to get in and out of battles, to sneak and steal the vault or the cashout. Finally, the breach charges to destroy objects, displacing the enemy and the cashout boxes. You can try experimenting and switching any gadget according to your team loadout and gameplay style.

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