Lego Fortnite – How To Get Rare Longsword

Lego Fortnite

From the world of Lego in Lego Fortnite, we have stepped up our offense from a Shortsword (Common) to a Longsword (Uncommon). Each rarity determines the damage your weapon can carry or deal. As we experienced, after upgrading your Crafting Bench to a rare rarity, new tools and weapons are unlocked of the same rarity. Therefore, to unlock the rare Longsword, half of the task will be done by upgrading the Crafting Bench. To learn about the other half and how to get a Copper Bar then read this short guide.

How To Get A Rare Longsword In Lego Fortnite?

Considering that you have installed and upgraded your Crafting Bench to Rare. The most important task that you need to complete is to craft both the tools i.e. Forest Axe (Rare), and Pickaxe (Rare). Without these tools, you cannot collect any of the high-tier resources.

If you have both the said tools in your possession, all you need to do is find Copper. Copper can be obtained inside the caves of Dry Valley or Desert Biome. In the same biome and cave, you will be required to farm other resources such as Brightcore, Obsidian, and Blast Core.

These resources are required to build a Metal Smelter. Metal smelting is necessary to smelt the copper into a copper bar. Once you have crafted 12 of these Copper bars, you can consume or use them in the Crafting Bench to craft a Longsword (Rare).

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