Lego Fortnite – How To Get Purple Epic Pickaxe

Lego FortniteThe world of Lego in Lego Fortnite is rich in resources that are needed to craft materials, items, or even stations from it. A strong pickaxe crafted from Obsidian which is very effective against structures. Capable of collecting heavy metals, the Epic Pickaxe is a tool i.e. must to have. To learn where to find all the ingredients or what is required to craft an epic Pickaxe we have compiled this guide.

How To Get Purple Epic Pickaxe In Lego Fortnite?

To craft a purple epic Pickaxe you will need to upgrade your Crafting Bench to Epic rarity. The required item to upgrade the Crafting Bench to Epic rarity is 15x Copper Bar, 25x Obsidian Slab, and 1x Brute Scale.

Copper can be obtained or mined from the Dry Valley cave. To mine copper, you will be required to use a rare Pickaxe. To craft a Copper Bar, you will be required to feed a Copper and 2x Brightcore.

Obsidian can be obtained or mined from the same Dry Valley cave and requires the rare Pickaxe. To craft an Obsidian Slab, you will need to feed Obsidian into the Stone Breaker. Next, all the possible ways to get a Brute Scale or find the fallen Brutes are explained in our previous guide here.

Once you have secured the required materials and upgraded the Crafting Bench to Tier 4 i.e. Epic rarity. You will be required to get 3x Copper Bar and 3x Knotroot Rod to craft an Epic Forest Axe. This will be used to collect resources from higher-tier areas and biomes such as Frostlands.

Frostpine is a crucial item to craft a purple-colored epic Pickaxe. Frostpine can be collected from the trees in Frostlands or Ice biome. Then, Frostpine can be processed into the Frostpine Rod with the help of the Lumber Mill station. To craft a Pickaxe (Epic), you have all the ingredients i.e. 8x Obsidian Slab and 5x Frostpine Rod.

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