Lego Fortnite – How To Get Epic Longsword

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, we can arm ourselves with the sword to confront enemy monsters. Apart from the sword, we have a crossbow that can deal ranged damage effortlessly. However, to craft one that too has the epic rarity is not an easy task. In the hope of collecting the highest form of a sword, you should have to unlock all the biomes and gather almost every resource. Everything you need to do and know is explained in this guide.

How To Get Epic Longsword In Lego Fortnite?

To get an epic sword which is the highest quality Longsword, you will be required to craft the equivalent rarity or tier of Crafting Bench i.e. Epic. Considering you have upgraded the Crafting Bench to its maximum, you will need to craft Forest Axe (Epic) and Pickaxe (Epic).

The tools are used to gather crucial items to craft the epic Longsword i.e. Iron Bar. The iron bar can be obtained after smelting the iron in the Metal Smelter. Iron can be mined from the Frostlands cave easily with the help of an Epic Pickaxe. Therefore, crafting the tools is crucial to getting any further resources in high-tier biomes.

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