Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – Grandparent Synthesis Guide

Dragon quest monsters the dark princeIn Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, we are going around in the vast maps and dungeons to encounter and scout the monsters. You will be introduced to and explained the origin of Grandparent Synthesis when you are progressing through the game. It is the process of Synthesis where the parent’s offspring turns out to be unique and can only be achieved if the specific Grandparent monsters are synthesized. If you have also questioned what does that means then this guide will feed you an in-depth Grandparent Synthesis feature to let you create and focus on specific Synthesis.

What Is Grandparent Synthesis In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince?

To synthesize a specific Parent offspring we require a combination of 4 specific Grandparents. The Grandparent Synthesis should be unique to get a successful unique parent offspring. In Grandparent Synthesis, the parent synthesis wouldn’t matter. In simplified ways,

  1. Create 4 unique synthesized monsters i.e. Grandparents.
  2. Then synthesize two unique grandparents to get any synthesized parents.
  3. Therefore, now you have any two synthesized parents.
  4. Finally, these parents need to be synthesized in order to give a parent-offspring which will be unique.
List Of Grandparents Synthesis Combination

If you are looking for all the Grandparent synthesized monsters list then we have listed it below:

  • Balhib: (Magmalice + Firn Fiend)+(Coralossus + Stone Golem)
  • Buntzenberner: (Dancing Flame + Frostburn)+(Brimsonte Bulb + Soulspawn)
  • Corvus (Final Form): (Goreham-Hogg + Hootingham-Gore)+(Goresby-Purvis + Barbarus)
  • Dark Sabrecat: (Great Sabrecat + Great Sabrecat)+(Dark Sabrecub + Bunicorn Queen)
  • Estark: (Psaro the Manslayer + Nimzo)+(Rhapthorne + Nelgel the Netherfiend)
  • Gasmon: (Dancing Flame + Frostburn)+(Brimstone Bulb + Soulspawn)
  • Hargon: (Atlas + Belial)+(Pazuzu + Wrecktor)
  • Joker Slime: (Angel Slime + Master Teacher)+(Dark Slime + Jinkster)
  • Momoiro King: (King Jester Slime + Queen Slime)+(Greater Platypunk + Splatypunk)
  • Mortamor: (Stout Troll + Hacksaurus)+(Uberkilling Machine + Murdaw)
  • Nimzo: (Ladja + Mechanowyrm)+(Luneyetic + Bilhaw)
  • Nokturnus: (Mortamor + Ramia)+(The Almighty + Lord of the Dragovians)
  • Orgodemir: (Pandora‚Äôs Box + Night Knight)+(Macho Picchu + The Time Being)
  • Prism Peacock: (Firebird + Phoenix)+(Snowbird + Whipbird)
  • Psaro the Manslayer: (Barbatos + Pruslas)+(Rashaverak + Aamon)
  • Ramia: (Xenlon + Great Keeper)+(Fluffy + Phoenix)
  • Tar King: (Scuttle Slime + Magmalice)+(Slick Slime + King Bubble Slime)
  • Zoma: (King Hydra + Malroth)+(Bones of Baramos + Calasmos)

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