Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince get inside the watchtower

Dragon quest monsters the dark prince

In Dragon Quest Monsters, you will travel to different areas to find new monsters.  These areas are usually divided into two or three parts. The lower, middle, and upper echelon. In the circle of fortitude, lower echelon area you will find various strong monsters. The list of monsters available in these areas are:

  • Airbagon
  • Armoured Wartoise
  • Blinkster
  • Cannonbrawler
  • Cumaulus
  • Cyclown
  • Dracky
  • Eggsoskeleton
  • Feraball
  • Hellbound Horror
  • Mecha-Mynah
  • Sacksquatch
  • Skipper
  • Shadow
  • Slime Stack
  • Slime Knight
  • Restless Armor

Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the local large monsters and how to get inside the watchtower.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince How To Get Past Circle Of Fortitude The Watchtower

The large monster will be under the bridge between Yetisburg and The Watchtower. Upon reaching the watchtower you will find, it being guarded by a group of monsters. Even if you defeat the monster, the gate of the watchtower will be closed and there is no way to enter. If you interact with the gate, a message will be shown that “The gate is shut tight. Try as you might, it shows no sign of opening.

To get inside the watchtower, you need to go towards the right side of the group of monsters. Jump down to find to find a big pipe. Go through the big pipe and you will find a small pond. Keep progressing forward to find a flight of stairs. Climb up using the flight of stairs to get inside the watchtower.

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