Disney Dreamlight Valley Floating Glowing Orbs What To Do

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, a new DLC has been added that unlocks a new area called Eternity Isle. In this area, you will meet new characters, get new quests, and find new tools. One of the tools you will find is the hourglass. With this tool, you will be able to find the lost artifacts. While exploring the Eternity Isle you will find some floating glowing orbs. Below you will find a brief guide on what to do with these orbs.

Disney Dreamlight Valley What To Do With The Floating Glowing Orbs

After getting the hourglass and progressing the game in the new DLC you will find some floating, glowing orbs around the areas. If you stand inside the middle of the orbs, you will be able to break it and a circle will appear in a small radius.

Inside the circle, you need to use the hourglass marker to find the treasure. The circle will last for a few seconds which will give you enough time to find 5-7 treasures. If you leave the circle before the circle closes you will not be able to acquire the treasures.

By using your hourglass you need to reach the area where the marker turns orange to find the treasure. Blue marker means the treasure is nearby, you need to follow the particles of the marker to find these treasures.

To summarize, you need to stand in the middle to break the glowing orb which will turn into a small circle. You will have a limited time to find treasure inside the circle using your hourglass. Once the timer ends, the circle will close and you need to find the next glowing orb to get more treasures.

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