Disney Dreamlight Valley – Directive Danger Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight  Valley, you will get a quest from Eve called “Directive Danger!”. In this quest, Eve still worried about the potential dangers around Eternity Isle. Your task will be to take some pictures around Eternity Isle with your camera and show the photos to Eve to prove there is no danger. Below you will find the locations in which you need to take pictures.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Directive Danger Quest Guide

In this quest, you need to take pictures around the Docks area of Ancient Landing. The pictures you need to take are:

  • A faint tree with hanging lanterns near the well – You can find this on the left side Ancient Landing door. In the frame, you need to have the well, lanterns, and the branches of the tree.
  • The small wooden boat you arrived – On the south side of the Docks area you will find a small pier, there you will find the boat you arrived in.
  • A faint statue face in a hallway – After opening the Ancient Landing door you will find the statue face. It is in the hallway that leads you to the Courtyard area.
  • A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls – You will find this area on the left side of Eve’s ship. There you will find two waterfalls and in the middle, you will find a strange sunken doorway. Take a picture of the doorway to finish this task.

After taking these four pictures, talk to Eve and you will get another task to click six pictures around Wild Tangle and Glittering Dunes. The list of things you need to take pictures with are:

  • A Lady with long, braided blonde Hair – Click pictures with Rapunzel
  • A misplaced boat high up in the jungle – On the left side of the Grove area you will find the boat above the rocky structure.
  • A plant with very pointy teeth – Take a picture of any fly trap.
  • A man with an impossibly thick neck – Take a picture with Gaston.
  • A Snake – You will find the snake in the Glittering Dunes area.
  • A waterfall of sand – Go to the area where you first met Gaston on the left side of The Plain area. From there you can see the sand river. Take a picture of a sand waterfall and talk to Eve to complete the quest.

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