Avatar frontiers of pandora location of thanator no easy prey trophy

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora is an open-world action-adventure game based on the movies that have been released in the past. In this game, you will explore the Pandora’s diverse flora and fauna and protect it. One of the creatures you might be familiar with from the movies is called Thanator. In this game, you need to find a nonferal Thanator and hunt it to unlock an achievement/trophy. Below you will find the location of a non-feral Thanator and how to find it.

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora Location Of Thanator No Easy Prey Trophy Guide

In the 2009 movie “Avatar,” viewers encountered the Thanator for the first time—a fearsome predator residing in the rainforest of Pandora. These formidable creatures instill fear in even the largest and most ferocious inhabitants of the planet. With highly developed senses, the Thanator can detect prey from miles away.

In the game, there’s no need to actively seek out the Thanator; instead, it finds you. Head to the location marked in the image above and explore the surrounding area. The non-feral Thanator is situated on the northwest side of Kinglor Forest. To locate one, venture south of Gossamer Lake and explore the forested area.

If a Thanator is nearby, your heart rate will increase rapidly, and the screen border will turn white. As you approach the creature, the heartbeat will intensify. Move in the direction where the heartbeat is faster, and eventually, you will come face to face with a Thanator.

In contrast to its movie counterpart, the Thanator in the game is not as massive, but it still packs a punch with its ability to inflict heavy damage. Be sure to evade its claw attacks by jumping around and continuously shooting with your weapon to defeat the Thanator. A single claw attack can deplete half of your health, so it’s crucial to have regeneration food items on hand to boost your health.

Make sure to have reached the end-game or have a high level before encountering this predator. Once dead, you will unlock an achievement “No Easy Prey”. This predator also drops Thanator lean meat, claw, and hide.

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