Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Ones That Got Away Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, the new addition of Eternity Isle has made Goofy wonder and fascinate all the new fish or aquatic animals that dwell in these regions. He will ask your assistance to find and catch the strange fish. From the experience, we know that the quest will not end with just simple curiosity. So, we have explained where to find all the fish and what you need to cook for the “The Ones That Got Away” quest.

The Ones That Got Away Quest Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Catching Strange New Fish

After talking to Goofy and taking the task to explore and fish the new species, we need to know where to catch these fish as mentioned:

  • 2x Dunebopper
  • 2x Robot Fish
  • 2x Prisma Shrimp

The Dunebopper can be found in The Oasis at Glittering Dunes where blue puddles are formed in the water.

The Robot Fish can be found in The Docks where red puddles are present in the water.

The Prisma Shrimp can be found in The Grove where red puddles are formed in the water.

Tip: If the required puddles are not formed in the area. Clear and catch all the fish to change the spawns of the puddles. Or travel back to the Valley and return to Eternity Isle to change the spawns.

After catching all the fish, talk to Goofy in order to give him all the fish that was required for the quest. Then he will ask you to cook any of the recipes with the ingredients you have caught as base. Well, you just need to cook anything with this ingredient and astonish him with your cooking skills.

Put any ingredient solo i.e. Dunebopper, Robot Fish, or Prisma Shrimp in the cooking pot and start cooking. The 1-star meal will satisfy Goofy’s curiosity and complete his small quest line. For more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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