Disney Dreamlight Valley – Center Of Attention Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, after you have completed the story quest of Gaston, you can increase your Friendship with him. As we know everyone has a Friendship quest unlocked when you have reached a certain level of friendship. Gaston’s Friendship quest will make you run for your money. From left to right you are collecting the resources and cooking 2-5 star meals for him. The complete walkthrough of the quest “Center Of Attention” is written below.

Center Of Attention Quest Walkthrough Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gaston’s Friendship quest “Center of Attention” requires you to clean his lodge in The Wastes. Gaston’s Lodge will have sand piles on its floor. Clean that with your shovel. The next part of the quest would be to revert the ruined portrait i.e. placed on the wall. Return back to Gaston and talk to him.

Gems Location

Next, you will be required to find the three gems i.e. Alexandrite, Jade, and Spinel. This will be used to trade with Scrooge McDuck.

  • Alexandrite: can be mined at The Wastes, and The Oasis.
  • Jade: can be mined at The Courtyard, and The Overlook.
  • Spinel: can be mined at The Promenade, and The Grove.

After looking at these locations, you will eventually find gems. Then go and talk to Scrooge McDuck.

Where To Find Materials?

Scrooge McDuck will give you a Crate of Gastonian Furniture and Gaston’s Anter Chair. Still, you will have to gather 3 specific materials to repair the old lodge i.e. 15x Copper, 10x Oasis Glass, and 15x Tropical Woods.

  • Copper: can be found almost everywhere after breaking the stones.
  • Oasis Glass: can be found in The Plains, The Wastes, The Oasis, and The Borderlands. (dig the ground with Shovel)
  • Tropical Woods: can be found in The Grasslands. (It might have been having a respawn issue so check the mail for the items.)

Once you have all the items, return to Gaston and give him everything i.e. required. He will update his lodge and ask you to enter it. Enter the lodge and talk to Gaston. He will give you the blueprint or recipe i.e. Freezer of Infinite Meat. Check your inventory to find and use it.

Freezer Fragments

After consuming the Freezer of Infinite Meat blueprints, you will be tasked to find 3 Freezer Fragments in the Wild Tangle. First at Lower Grasslands, second at Upper Grasslands, and the third at The Grove. Hourglass will be used to show the general direction where you can find the treasures in this case Freezer Fragments.

Once you have all three fragments, assemble them with the help of the Timebending Table. The Fragments are:

  1. Freezer Fragment Exterior Plating.
  2. Freezer Fragment Chassis.
  3. Freezer Fragment Radiator.

Take the crafted item to Gaston and he will ask you to re-open his old stall in the desert using the Scrooge McDuck sign at The Wastes.

Cook meat-based Meal of 2 Stars or higher

After re-opening the stall, Gaston will ask you to experiment with these new ingredients i.e. Venison, Poultry, and Pork currently. There are multiple recipes given below which you can choose to cook depending on your ingredients you have in your possession.

  • Baked Beans (2-star): Beans, Pork.
  • Baozi (4-star): Wheat, Soya, Pork, Spice.
  • Biryani (4-star): Rice, Cumin, Cinnamon, Mint, Poultry.
  • Burrito (4-star): Wheat, Cumin, Beans, Meat.
  • Cheeseburger (4-star): Wheat, Cheese, Vegetable, Venison.
  • Club Sandwich (4-star): Wheat, Tomato, Poultry, Pork.
  • Dumplings (4-star): Wheat, Soya, Vegetable, Meat.
  • Jerk Chicken (4-star): Onion, Garlic, Spice, Poultry.
  • Butter Chicken (5-star): Butter, Lemon, Tomato, Cumin, Poultry.

Cook any of these meals and deliver them to Gaston. Now, the questline is at the final stage where you are required to talk to other guests that are present i.e. Remy, Rapunzel, and Scrooge McDuck. This will conclude the questline.

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