Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Directive Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, various Disney characters will give you some quests to complete. In the new DLC, you will meet a new character Eve. You will get a quest from Eve called “A New Directive”. In this quest, you need to feed the monkey, gather flowers, and help Eve with a reunion. Below you will find where to find monkeys, their favorite food, where to find flowers, and complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Directive Quest Guide

The first task in this quest will be to feed 2 monkeys. You can find the classic monkey in the docks area or visit the overlook area between 12 AM and 12 PM to find Red and Beige Monkeys. Follow the monkey till it gets tired and then approach it to feed its favorite food to complete the task. Monkey’s favorite food in this game is any 5-star cooked meal.

After feeding the monkey, interact with Eve visit the Ancient Landing, and keep following Eve to exit the secret garden. For this, you need to unlock the Overlook area using 6000 Mist. Then you will get a new task to use your hourglass and find lost objects in Swirling Sands around Ancient Landing. The objects you need to find are a BnL Picnic Blanket and a BnL Trashcan Planter.

Use your hourglass on the small swirling sand located all around Ancient’s Landing. One of the items can be found behind the waterfall in the Dock area. The other one is located on the right side of the Goofy stall. After that, you need to find five different types of flowers and gather them. These flowers are:

  • Orange Birds of Paradise
  • Yellow Birds of Paradise
  • White Birds of Paradise
  • Red Luminescent Flowers
  • Jade

To find these flowers, go to the collection menu, and in the Eternity Isle tab you will find the list of flowers and where to find them. After gathering the flowers, you will have to bring them to Wall-E and listen to Eve and Wall-E’s discussion. Take 3 pictures with them and talk to Eve to complete the quest.

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