Lego Fortnite Where To Find Ruby & Get More Armor

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, there are various types of resources you can find. To farm these resources and explore different biomes you will need health and armor to survive. One such rare resource you can find in the Dry Valley is the Ruby. Below you will find a brief guide on how to farm ruby, where to find and how to get more armor.

Lego Fortnite Where To Find Ruby & Get More Armor

Ruby is one of the resources you will find in the desert biome dry valley caves. To farm ruby you will need the epic pickaxe. To get an epic pickaxe you need to upgrade the crafting station to epic rarity. The resources required to upgrade the crafting station from rare to epic rarity are copper bar, obsidian slab, and brute scale.

While upgrading the crafting station won’t be that hard, crafting the epic pickaxe might be as you need to visit the snowy biome to get frostpine wood and use a lumbermill to get the frostpine rod. Once you have the epic pickaxe, venture into the caves of the dry valley.

The inside of the cave will be huge and you need to explore a bit to find the ruby mineral deposit. Once you obtain this mineral, the ruby cut will be available to craft from the gem cutter. To explore the desert and snowy biome, you will need temperature-resistant items as well as extra health and armor.

The extra armor will protect you from the bandits, wolves, and other enemies you will encounter. To get extra armor, you need to craft charms or totems. In the crafting station, you will find the charms under the shield menu.

The charms you need to craft are cool-headed charms or hearty totems. At the beginning of the game, you can make the health charm, but the other charms will give you more armor but require rare resources.

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