Lego Fortnite How To Make A Crop Farm

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, you need to have a crop farm to get any food resources required to cook food on the grill. The main ingredient to have a crop farm is the seed that will grow into the plant and give food resources. To get seed you need to build a grain mill. Below you will find how to make a crop farm and the resources required for it.

Lego Fortnite How To Make A Crop Farm

To build a crop farm, you will need resources like soil and fertilizer. You will find the crop farm in the build menu under the utility section. Scroll down to find the garden plot at the bottom. To build a garden plot you will need 2x soil and 1x fertilizer.

You can place multiple garden plots together to make a crop farm. Soil can be obtained by digging using a shovel. You can craft a shovel from the uncommon crafting station. The resources required to craft a shovel are Wooden Rod and Plank.

To get the wooden rod, you need to place wood in the lumber mill and select the output as a wooden rod. Similarly, you can obtain planks from the lumber mill by placing wood and selecting the output as planks.

Once you have all the resources craft the shovel and dig the ground to get soil. To get fertilizer you need to wait for a friendly animal to excreate or ask your villagers to find the resources. They will gather the resources randomly, so you might have a chance to get fertilizer from them.

After gathering all the resources, build the crop farm and plant seeds. These seeds will grow into plants eventually and will bear fruits for you to gather.

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