Lego Fortnite- How To Get Cut Amber For Blue Forest Axe

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, we have learned the value of tools from the beginning of the game. Where your hand or weapon deals less damage to the objects, appropriate tools can be used to farm resources pretty efficiently. Therefore it is a no-brainer to craft a Rare blue Forest Axe as soon as you upgrade the Crafting Bench to Rare rarity. However, to craft a Rare Forest Axe, we require Cut Amber. So where and how can we get or craft Cut Amber?

How To Get Cut Amber To Craft Rare Forest Axe In Lego Fortnite?

Assuming you have all the previous stations installed and upgraded your Crafting Bench to Tier 3 or Rare rarity. This will unlock the crafting of Rare tools and gears possible. We have already established and learned that higher forms of resources such as Knotroot or Marble required higher or upgraded Tools, as Common Tools didn’t work on it.

So, we are focused on crafting the rare Forest Axe at the beginning, once we have upgraded the Crafting Bench to a rare rarity. The problem is that you will require a 5x Cut Amber and 3x Knotroot Rod. Knotroot Rod is fairly simple to process as all the Rods are obtained from the Lumber Mill station. However, to get the Cut Amber, you will need to do a whole series of tasks.

First, equip your uncommon Pickaxe and go to the Dry Valley or desert biome. There mine Rough Ambers in bulk. Next, you will be required to farm Marble in the cave and process it into Marble Slab in the Stone Breaker. You will find Sand Claws and Sand Shells in the Dry Valley.

To build a Gem Cutter you will be required to craft 20x Marble Slabs, 5x Rough Amber, 5x Sand Claws, and 3x Sand Shells. Now, you will be able to craft Cut Amber by feeding Rough Amber to the Gem Cutter.

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