Lego Fortnite- How To Craft A Loom And Get Flexwood

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, there are multiple biomes, areas where there are different types of resources and materials that we need to store and gather for the next upgrades. Higher tier areas are accessible but to collect resources from those areas, you will require tools that match their intensity. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to collect Flexwood and Flexwood Rod then read this guide to the end in case you are missing something.

How To Craft A Loom In Lego Fortnite?

To get or craft the Loom, you will need to build or install a Lumber Mill Station in your camp/village. Next, your Crafting Bench should be upgraded to an Uncommon rarity or Tier 2.

Now you will be able to craft a Forest Axe (Uncommon) which is a crucial tool for collecting Knotroot. You will find the Knotroot inside the Cave, farm all the Knotroot, and return to craft a Pickaxe (Uncommon).

This will allow you to mine Marble in the Cave. Hence, it will unlock a Utility Station i.e. Stone Breaker. Craft or process a Marble Slab from the Marble with the help of Stone Breaker. This will unlock another Utility Station i.e. Gem Cutter.

To build a Gem Cutter you will be required to collect:

  • 20x Marble Slab from the Stone Breaker.
  • 5x Rough Amber from the Dry Valley.
  • 5x Sand Claw from the Dry Valley.
  • 3x Sand Shell from the Dry Valley.

This will allow you to upgrade the Crafting Bench to Rare rarity. As you have a Gem Cutter, you will be able to refine the Rough Amber and craft a Cut Amber. If you have spare Rough Amber from the Dry Valley, you can then proceed and craft a Forest Axe (Rare).

Now you have a tool that can bust down the Cactus tree that gives Flexwood. Flexwood can be processed in the Lumber Mill to craft a Flexwood Rod. The recipe Loom will be unlocked which will require 9x Flexwood, 8x Flexwood Rod, and 6x Sand Claw to build. This will unlock 3 item recipes which will include Silk Fabric.

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