Lego Fortnite How To Craft A Hot Air Balloon & A Rocket Car

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, you can craft a hot air balloon and attach it to a dynamic foundation to fly up in the air. This way you will have a clear vision of all the biomes. The view from the hot air balloon is scenic and you can travel to other biomes using it.

You can also attach a thruster to the back of the dynamic foundation to quickly traverse to the other biomes. Below you will find the resources required to craft a dynamic foundation, thrusters, and large balloon and wheels

Lego Fortnite How To Craft A Hot Air Balloon & A Rocket Car

To build a hot air balloon you will need a dynamic foundation, thrusters, and a large balloon. To craft a dynamic foundation, the resources required are flexwood. You can obtain flexwood by destroying the cactus located in the desert biome.

Note: Do not add a thruster to turn your ship, as you don’t get any resources back after breaking them. Use a wooden block foundation at the very edge to turn your air balloon.

There are two types of thruster small and large thruster. To craft the small and large thrusters the resources required are the same but in different quantities. The resources required are a wooden rod,  blast power, and torch.

The wooden rod can be obtained by placing wood in the lumbermill, blast powder can be obtained by defeating skeletons on the dry valley and a torch can be crafted from the crafting station using wood and vines. To build a large balloon the resources required are Silk Fabric, Torch, and Cord.

To get down from the hot air balloon, you need to destroy the big balloon and the dynamic foundation will fall quickly. Make sure to at least place a small balloon before popping the big balloon with punches, as you need to drop the dynamic foundation slowly.

To turn the hot air balloon you can place a wood foundation 1 and add a small thruster on the side of it. Once the balloon has turned in the correct direction turn off the thrusters and break the small thruster.

Falling too quickly from a great height will make the hot air balloon disappear. If it drops slowly, nothing will happen to it and you can just attach a big balloon later to traverse again.

The rocket car can be made by placing two dynamic foundations together and attaching wheels to it. Then place the thrusters at the back to make it a rocket car. To craft the wheel the resources required are flexwood. The rocket car is not at all durable and will break down if it collides with any hard surface. You can’t steer the car as of now and it won’t move forward if any object is in front of it.

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