Lego Fortnite- Add Friend As A World Keyholder To Access World?

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, we can invite players in your world to play together and build a village where everyone can reside and farm resources together. Going out on expeditions during the day and returning on the nighttime to sleep through the day.

The players or your friends with whom you want to play together in the same world have a feature to access your world even if you are not online or hosted it. If you want to give your friend private and unlimited access to your world then follow these simple steps.

How To Give An Access To The Players Of Your Hosted World In Lego Fortnite?

Players who are the Keyholders can access your world alone by hosting it themselves. For that, you or the original host of the world need to assign the Guests with Keys. There will be a Share Key option that you need to click to give access to your world.

Select the player first and then share the key. Once it is shared successfully, it will show the Keyholder under their name. So, if you now leave the World, the World will not shut down and it will remain active until there is no World Owner or Keyholders in-game.

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