Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find & Catch Dunebopper

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Eternity Isle is the new area you will find after purchasing the DLC. In this new area, you will find various new resources, characters, and fishes. One of the fish you will need to complete a quest called “Dunebopper”. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find and catch dunebopper.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find & Catch Dunebopper

The Dunebopper is a fish that can be found by fishing in the Oasis area. The Oasis area is on the left side of The Plain in Glittering Dunes. There use a fishing rod on the pond that has a waterfall to get the Dunebopper.

In the water, you will find a variety of ripples and you will get different fish by fishing in different color ripples. The Dunebopper can be found by using your fishing rod on the blue color ripples. Currently, this is the only way to find these fishes as of now. The Dunehopper is a brown sandy color fish that has a purple gill.

The Dunebopper can be used to cook a food recipe called Sand Stew. The resources required to cook the Sand Stew are dunebopper, sandfish, vegetables(any), sandworm, and spice(any). Sandfish and Sandworm can be found in the plains area of Glittering dunes.

The Dunebopper can be sold for 550 coins and gives you +1100 energy once you consume it. This fish is required in the quest given by Goofy where you need to catch new fish around Eternity Isle. You need to find three different types of fish and Dunebopper is one of them.

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