Disney Dreamlight Valley – Village Project Timeless Trash Quest

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Village Project timeless trash quest is given to you by Merlin, and in this quest, you will have to remove junk in the Eternity Isle that you need to clear. These junks are rubble, glass, and evil plants. Once the junks are clear, you can decorate the Eternity Isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Village Project Timeless Trash Quest

First, you need to interact with Merlin and find a way to clear these junks. Merlin will ask you to use the timebending table to craft some items. The list of items you need to craft are:

  • Small Evil Plant Watering Can Potion
  • Small Rubble Shovel Potion
  • Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe upgrade

To be able to craft these items you need to upgrade your hourglass from the timbending table. The resources required to craft the small evil plant watering can potion are Mist and tropical wood.

The tropical wood can be found in your mailbox as a gift from devs as the Eternity Isle resources had some spawning issues. You will get around 220x tropical wood from the mailbox that you can use to craft the items required for the quest.

To craft the small rubble shovel potion, you will need mist and pearl. To craft the small glass stalagmite pickaxe potion you will need mist and Oasis Glass. Dig the ground in the Eternity Isle Dock area using a shovel to find the pearl. To find Oasis glass dig the ground in Glittering dunes plain area using a shove. After crafting all three items, go and talk to Merlin to complete the quest.

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