Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Housewarming Quest Walkthrough

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Story quest and Friendship quests are different from each other. The Story quests are the quest that affects all the Dreamlight Valley residents and could give rise to unseen and unfortunate events if left unsolved. However, the Friendship quests are the quests that do not affect other residents of Dreamlight Valley and only affect your relationship with your character. After reaching a certain level with a character you are given a Friendship quest and in this guide we have written a complete walkthrough of Rapunzel’s Friendship quest i.e. “The Housewarming“.

The Housewarming Quest Walkthrough For Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the beginning, you are tasked with gathering certain materials to fix Rapunzel’s Tower. The materials are:

  • 4x Zinc: Found at The Grasslands, The Promenade, The Grove, The Lagoon.
  • 4x Tin: Found at The Plains, The Wastes, The Oasis, The Borderlands.
  • 30x Soil: Dig from anywhere.
Search For Treasure

After bringing all the required materials to Rapunzel, she will ask to find her treasures that are scattered around all the areas as mentioned.

  • Wall Clock near the Docks.
  • Cast-Iron Pan near the Oasis.
  • Handheld Lantern near the Grasslands.
  • Purple Cushion near the Promenade.

Make sure you are using the Hourglass to locate the treasures. The Hourglass gives you general directions on where the treasures are buried. Once you have gathered and collected all the treasures, go and talk to Rapunzel.

Investigate Rapunzel’s Painting

Inside your inventory, you will have obtained the painting of the Rapunzel’s interior. The painting or picture will be added to your Collection—–> Eternity Isle—–> Memories. Under Dreamlight Valley, find the treasure and place all the treasures as shown in the image.

  • Cast-Iron Pan: Place it next to the door.
  • Handheld Lantern: Place it on the table i.e. next to the bed.
  • Purple Pillow: Place it on the chair next to the bookshelf.
  • Wall Clock: Place it on the table i.e. next to the window.
Gather Materials For Tropical Companions Home

After talking to Rapunzel, she will ask you to gather materials for their (Capybaras) new home.

  • 10x Bamboo: can be found in The Grasslands, The Promenade, The Grove, and The Lagoon.
  • 15x Tropical Wood: can be found in The Grasslands. (Check Mail to get the resource as it is having a spawning issue.)
  • 1x Spinel: can be found in The Promenade, and The Grove.
  • 3x Green Glass-Like Flowers: can be found in The Plains, and The Wastes.

Finally, Craft the Tropical Companion Home i.e. found under Functional Items Tab. Then, place it anywhere in the jungle to complete the quest of “The Housewarming“.

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