Lego Fortnite – Where To Find Rough Amber, Cut Amber & Use It

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, there are various types of minerals you can find in the open area or inside the cave. These minerals can be refined are used in building stations and equipment. One of the minerals you will need early game is the rough amber. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find and how to get the rough amber, cute amber, and their uses.

Lego Fortnite – Where To Find Rough Amber, Cut Amber & Use It

The cut amber is one of the resources used to add bonus stats to your equipment. The cut amber is also used to make rare health charms. To find cut amber, you will have to find the rough amber first. The rough amber mineral deposit can be found in the dry valley desert biome. Check out the image image of the rough amber mineral deposit.

To mine these minerals you will need an uncommon pickaxe. You can obtain an uncommon pickaxe by upgrading the crafting station once. After crafting the pickaxe, visit the desert biome and break the rough amber mineral deposit to obtain rough ambers. The dry valley temperature will be high, so you need to craft a cool-headed charm.

Once you have the rough amber in your inventory, a new station will be unlocked called gem cutter. You need to place rough amber in the gem cutter to obtain cut amber. To build a gem cutter the resources required are:

  • Marble Slab
  • Rough Amber
  • Sand Claw
  • Sand Shell

Rough Amber is used to add essence to a piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment has three slots to add essence that can be equipped from the essence table. To add essence to the equipment you will need the rough amber resource, milk, and egg. These minerals can be found in abundance above the cliff, you can make stairs to reach the cliff top and farm them.

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