Lego Fortnite How To Repair Equipment, Weapons & Shield

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, you need to craft various equipment for gathering resources and weapons to fight against enemies. Just like any other survival game, your weapon and equipment will eventually wear down and break. The game doesn’t have any feature to repair your weapons. But below you will find a brief guide on a trick to repair weapons and equipment.

Lego Fortnite How To Repair Equipment

The equipment with less rarity doesn’t need repair as you can easily craft them. But as you progress in the game, the equipment with higher rarity demands rare resources. Although the durability decreases slowly in higher rarity equipment, there is still a trick to repairing them. This way you don’t have to craft them multiple times after they break and find resources to craft them again.

Currently, the game doesn’t provide any feature to repair the equipment, you can only destroy and build in this game. But any buildings or items you destroy, you get the resources back. The trick to repair your weapon is simple.

First, you need to craft a small chest, then place the weapon with low durability inside the chest. Then use your punch to destroy the small chest. Once the chest is destroyed, you will get all the resources back including the equipment you had inside with full durability. With this method, you can craft a simple chest anywhere and repair your weapons anytime.

To craft a simple chest the resources required are 6x plank. Planks can be obtained from lumber mills by placing wood. So you can keep a spare 6x plank in your inventory to repair your weapon and equipment anytime you want. You can do this trick with any chest, closet, or dresser.

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