Lego Fortnite – How To Get Storage Chest And Upgrade It

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, you will have a limited amount of Inventory space from the beginning. This might look big enough at first glance, but as you progress and collect resources as well as craft items; the inventory will be in a dire state. To increase the Inventory space, you can create a Storage Chest from the beginning where you can store or arrange the items in certain orders. So, everything you need to know about an upgraded Storage Chest is explained in this guide.

How To Get A Storage Chest And Upgrade In Lego Fortnite?

After building a Lumber Mill Station, you can get a steady flow of Planks being generated until you have Wood in your possession. Wood are basic resource that can be collected easily. So, once you have built a Storage Chest under the Furniture section in the Build Menu, you will have an additional 10 Inventory spaces to store important or additional resources.

Next, these Storage Chests can be upgraded to an Uncommon Tier (Particularly the Common Storage Chest will remain the same, a new uncommon recipe will be unlocked). For that, you will need to upgrade your Village Square to Level or Tier 5. The New Station will be unlocked i.e. Stone Breaker which can process rocks to get a plain slab. To build a Stone Breaker, you will require 20x Knotroots and 35x Marbles.

Craft a Marble Slab to unlock the Uncommon Storage Chest recipe under the Storage section. You will be able to build an Uncommon Storage Chest that can store up to 16 items. This is a huge increase in number but the resources needed to craft an Uncommon Chest will require an Uncommon resource such as 8x Knotroot and 6x Marble Slab.

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