Lego Fortnite How To Get Obsidian Slab

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, there are various types of items and minerals you will find while exploring. There are different types of biomes where you can farm different items. One of the items you will require late game to unlock the glider is Obsidian. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find them and items required to farm them.

Lego Fortnite How To Get Obsidian Slab

To craft the Obsidian Slab, you will need to get Obsidian first. You can find Obsidian in the caves of Dry Valley, the desert biome of the map. But inside the cave, the temperature will be too high and your character will be too hot or burning.

To stay cool in the Dry Valley, you can craft 3x cool-headed charms and equip them. You can equip three charms at a time, this increases your heat resistance considerably and you can freely explore the inside of caves.

Once inside the cave, you will find some dark purple minerals on the cave side walls or top side. These minerals are mostly in the higher places that will be harder to reach, so you can build some stairs or platforms and climb them up to farm the Obsidian.

You will need a rare pickaxe to break these minerals. To get a rare pickaxe you will have to upgrade your crafting station twice. To get a rare crafting station, the resources required are:

To get Obsidian Slab you will have to build a stonebreaker. To build a stonebreaker you will need knotroot and marble. After collecting Obsidian from the cave, the Obsidian slab will be unlocked in the stonebreaker and you will be able to craft it. For 1x Obsidian slab, you will need 1x Obsidian. The obsidian slab will be required to upgrade your bench rarity level to epic which will help you unlock the glider.

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