Lego Fortnite How To Get Copper Bar & Brightcore

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite to get the copper bar and bright core you need to reach the Dry Valley desert biome. The desert biome temperature will be too high and you will need to craft an item called a cool-headed charm.

This charm increases your health as well as gives you heat resistance. You can equip 3 at a time which will increase your resistance greatly. To craft a cool-headed charm you will need an uncommon crafting bench and the resources required are:

  • Silk Thread
  • Marble
  • Sand Shell

The silk thread can be crafted in the spinning wheel using the silk. Marble can be found in the caves of grassland and sand shells by locating a roller in the shore area. Once you have the required resources craft the charm and get inside the caves in Dry Valley.

Lego Fortnite How To Get Copper Bar & Brightcore

A copper bar is one of the important resources that is required to fully upgrade your tool and crafting bench. To make a copper bar the resources required are copper and brightcore. Both of these resources can be found inside the caves of the Dry Valley desert biome. Check out the image above to find copper mineral deposits.

To identify both minerals, the copper mineral deposit will be a bit pointed and less shiny. While the bright core mineral deposit will be sphere-shaped and shiny in color. Check out the image above to find a Brightcore mineral deposit. Once you have the copper and bright core, use them in a metal smelter to get the copper bar. The craft a smelter the resources required are:

  • Brightcore
  • Obsidian Slab
  • Blastcore

Brightcore can be found in the caves of Dry Valley. You can check out our previous guide on how to get Obsidian Slab and to get Blastcore you will have to find roller enemies inside the cave of Dry Valley.

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