Lego Fortnite – How To Find And Get Granite Slab

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, we have to gather resources and keep on upgrading the crafting bench to strengthen our tools and gears. Utility Stations are used to craft resources that are processed from certain stations for building purposes. Granite Slab is a Common resource that you will need further ahead in the gameplay. If you are wondering how to get or craft Granite Slab then read it to the end.

How To Find And Get Granite Slab In Lego Fortnite?

Granite Slab can be obtained after processing the Granites. Though Granite is an early item, the Utility Station i.e. required to process Granite requires a series of upgrades to your tools.

First, your Crafting Bench needs to be upgraded to the Uncommon rarity. Next, craft a Forest Axe (Uncommon) to damage and collect all the important materials from the Cave. Knotroot is required to create a Knotroot rod in the Lumber Mill.

After possessing the Pickaxe which requires 3x Knotroot Rods and 3x Bones. Uncommon Pickaxe can mine Marble from the Cave. After you have collected the Marble, you will be able to install a Stone Breaker at your base.

To get the Granite Slab, you will be required to build a Stone Breaker. Stone Breaker will be unlocked once you have mined the Marble from the Cave.

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