Lego Fortnite – How To Craft Bed And Assign Bed To New Villager

Lego FortniteIn Lego Fortnite, we meet Brite Bomber who assists and teaches us about the new world. The crafting survival game revolves around the resources that you need to gather from specific regions and areas. The common type of resources such as Wood can be found everywhere therefore you have the resources to build a bed. Now if we are questioning, how to assign new residents/villagers to your village then we have explained everything you need to know.

How To Make And Assign A Bed In Lego Fortnite?

After building a Village Square, you will be announced a proper village. Villagers who are in dire situations will approach your Village Square or village area with whom you can interact. You can allow villagers to live in your Village if your Village Square is upgraded to Tier 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 respectively. At each mentioned Tier, you can get an additional recruit spot to allow villagers to reside in.

The maximum number of villagers you can assign in a maximum upgraded Village Square is 5. Therefore, each would require a shelter and bed to live in. You can either choose to build a bed in an existing Simple Shack or build a new one for his private use. Build a Simple Shack and a Bed, then talk to the villager to let him know that there is a vacant spot in your village.

To build a Bed you will need to gather 10x Wood and assign their Bed manually after recruiting them. For more informative guides on Lego Fortnite, check on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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