Lego Fortnite – How To Build Village Square & Allow New Resident

Lego FortniteVillage Square is one of the earliest structures in Lego Fortnite that will be unlocked to properly announce the surrounding area as a village. Directed by Brite Bomber, we have our own cozy space to live in and call our home. It is naturally a base that you can return to after the expedition. So, what will happen if you build a Village Square, and how to allow other residents to live there?

How To Build A Village Square In Lego Fortnite?

In a village, you can accommodate 5 villagers maximum if you have upgraded the Village Square to Tier 10. Near the campfire you are alone, but if you have built a Village Square then it will properly encourage other NPCs or villagers to migrate into your village.

Village Square requires 10x Wood and 10x Granite to build. Once you have built the Village Square, you will notice that new NPCs are roaming around your village. Interact with them and if you want to allow them to enter your village and announce them as a resident of the current village then you need to satisfy their conditions.

How To Satisfy Their Conditions To Enter Your Village?

Mostly what they need is a place where they can live. Build a Simple Shack and Bed for them. After building an additional bed, you can talk to the new villager and you can select “Yes” if they ask whether you have a place for them or not. Automatically they will see a free Bed and assign themselves as their own. Later you can manually assign each Beds if you want to by interacting with the bed.

Initially, at Tier 1, you will be able to allow to invite only 1 villager. To increase the number of villagers you can assign, it is needed to upgrade the Village Square to Tier 3, 5, 8, and 10. At Tier 3 you assign a new villager and at Tier 5 you assign another and so on. If you want to know whether you can assign 5+ villagers in your World then read the previous guide we wrote.

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