Lego Fortnite – How To Assign Roles/Jobs To Villagers

Lego FortniteIn the Lego World of Lego Fortnite, you are not alone as your Village Square or village has the charm to attract random NPCs or villagers to approach your village. These villagers does not only occupy the village slot but they also assist you in every end. If you want to assign each villagers are specific jobs or roles in your village and struggling to assign whom to which job then this guide might solve your trouble.

How To Assign Roles/Jobs To Villagers In Lego Fortnite?

Most importantly, you will be required to upgrade your Village Square to Level 2. This enables to assign villagers to do certain jobs or even assign a role to them. To gather food or resources, or even as an exploration buddy, you can assign different types of jobs after interacting with each villager.

These villagers will go to their respective areas and farm the items as assigned. Once they have completed their assigned task, you can see there will be a tick mark i.e. a cue to collect the resources. It seems that there is no job proficiency or any type of stats that allows a character to complete the job quickly and efficiently compared to any other character. It seems that you can assign any job to any of them without much stressing.

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