Lego Fortnite Craft A Glider, Find Flexwood, Silk & Wool Fabric

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, there are various types of resources you can find while exploring different areas. These resources are used to craft materials that will help upgrade your village and help you explore. One such item is the Glider which will take some time to unlock and a bit of exploration. Below you will find a brief guide on resources required to craft the glider and how to get them.

How To Get Silk & Wool Fabric

To get silk and wool fabric you will have to get the base material first which is silk and wool. Silk can be easily obtained and you might already have a lot of them by killing the spiders. You will find the spiders in the grassland area.

To get wool you need to find sheep in the grassland area. Petting the sheep by going near them and interacting will get you one wool. Once you have the silk and wool, you can get the silk and wool thread by using the spinning wheel.

Then place the silk and wool thread in the loom to get silk and wool fabric. If you don’t have the loom unlocked yet, you can progress the game and keep upgrading your village to unlock it.

Lego Fortnite How To Craft A Glider

With the use of a glider, you could fly around and cover long distances quickly. To craft a glider the resources required are:

  • 8x Flexwood Rod
  • 4x Wool Fabric
  • 6x Silk Fabric

You can get the wool fabric and silk fabric by using the method written above. To get a Flexwood rod, you will have to first find Flexwood that can be found in the desert area of the map. The desert biome will be in brown color on the map and as the map is randomly generated, there is no fixed location of this biome.

In the desert area, you will have to break the cactus using a rare forest axe. To get the rare forest axe you need to upgrade your crafting bench twice.

Note: To use a glider, you need to equip it in the equipment menu and press the jump button while jumping from high areas.

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