Lego Fortnite You Are Freezing Stay Warm & Heat Resistance Item

Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, if you wander off to any area with cold temperatures you will get a message that “You are Cold”. If you continue going forward to the cold area, you will be freezing and losing HP. Eventually, you will be dead and lose access to all your items. It won’t be possible to go retrieve your backpack because of the cold weather.

Lego Fortnite You Are Freezing How To Stay Warm & Increase Heat Resistance

To increase your resistance to cold temperatures, you need some spicy food items. These food items include spicy pepper or spicy burger. To find spicy pepper you need to explore further and reach the desert area called “Dry Valley”. This will marked as a brown sand color area on the map.

In this area, you will feel hot and take some heat damage. To protect yourself from heat you can craft the cool-headed charm. This charm increases your resistance to hot temperatures and requires 3x silk thread, 1x marble, and 3x sand shell.

The silk thread can be crafted from the spinning wheel using silk. Silk can be obtained from the spiders. The sand shell can be obtained by finding rollers in the shore area. Once you have all the resources craft the cool-headed charm and venture to the desert area to find spicy pepper.

Eat the spicy pepper to gain cold resistance for 2 minutes or you can make a spicy burger that will give you cold resistance for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can place a campfire to prevent yourself from being cold but that won’t save you from freezing temperatures.

If the temperature is freezing, with the campfire heat you will only bring it down to cold temperature but will still take damage over time. Leaving the campfire area will again change the temperature to freezing.

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