Lego Fortnite- How To Get Wooden Rod Crafting Resource?

Lego FortniteLego Fortnite, the classic crafting survival game mode where resources are the most important building blocks to increase your survival rate. Farming resources is much simpler if you know where and how to get the necessary items. If you are curious and want to learn where to get the Wooden Rod to upgrade or craft other stations then we got your back for you.

How To Get Wooden Rod Crafting Resource In Lego Fortnite?

Wood is the basic resource that you can get from either picking up the stick or destroying the trees. These can be processed into a Wooden Rod to satisfy other demands you need for crafting the items such as Spinning Wheel or Shortsword.

Once you have built the Crafting Bench after building a Campfire, you will be able to build a Lumber Mill station. Open the Build Menu, then go to the Utility section. The Lumber Mill Station requires 8x Wood and 15x Granite to be built.

After building the Lumber Mill, interact with the station where you can process a piece of Wood to craft a Wooden Rod. Wooden Rod will be the basic resource i.e. used in further upgrades, weapons, and building utilities as you progress through the game. Most importantly, you will need a 5x Wooden Rod to craft a Shortsword early on to defend yourselves from the enemy.

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