Lego Fortnite- How To Get Or Find Knotroot And Wood In Cave?

Lego FortniteLego Fortnite is a survival crafting game mode where we need to craft items traditionally by exploring and gathering resources in the open world. Each world is generated differently and your friends can host to play together by joining them. The resources are scarce and it is quite difficult to learn where all the resources can be found. Apparently, we know where to get a Knotroot which will be used in almost all the Uncommon upgrades and more.

How To Get Or Find Knotroot And Wood In Cave At Lego Fortnite?

Once we have installed a Crafting Bench and upgraded it to Uncommon Crafting Bench, you will be able to craft intermediate tools, weapons, survival equipment, and accessories. This is a crucial upgrade you need to make in order to quickly upgrade and improve your survival rate.

Note: Forest Axe is the earliest upgrade you can get after upgrading the Crafting Bench to Uncommon rarity.

To find and collect Knotroot, you will need to find a cave and enter it. Inside the darkness, it is recommended to keep a torch on your left hand; explore and cut all the branch-like structures. The branches would drop Wood, however, there would be another type of dry branches that are intertwined close together spirally. Use your Forest Axe (Uncommon) to damage and collect the Knotroot and Woods from the cave.

It is better to be with someone while going into the cave exploration to cover more distance quickly and easily. Knotroots will be used to upgrade the Crafting Bench into a Rare or Tier 3 rarity.

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