Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – How To Level Up Fast

Dragon quest monsters the dark princeIn Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, you will have multiple opportunities to catch new monsters and add them to your collection. Now, the next step would be to level them up to unlock new skills and synthesize them to create a monster that can demolish anyone. However, leveling them up from the start is a little troublesome. Therefore, we have a guide that shows how you can level up quickly and start synthesizing.

How To Level Up Fast And Efficiently In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince?

First and foremost, you will be required to unlock all the areas and the best way is to progress through the storyline. The areas that are introduced later will always be higher-level areas. To take advantage of this fact, you would need to assemble your main party and backup party to encounter and farm at the current situation.

To increase your Scouting ability, you would be required to increase the Reputation. Therefore, any new areas that are unlocked can be used to farm XPs at the beginning. Equip XP rings and items that give a significant boost to the cause as we are farming XPs.

In the beginning, your main party and the backup party will both gain experience after defeating the monsters. The easiest monsters are Bongo Drongo which can be abused to level up quickly. Acquire an AOE magic i.e. strong enough to eliminate everyone in an instant to save time.

This will be the cue to move on and encounter difficult enemies for higher-level farming. Your goal is to make your main party strong enough to carry your backup party where new monsters are assigned for leveling up. Zone Bosses provide a higher amount of Experience which is obvious therefore, you need to aim for defeating and farming them when your party is strong enough to defeat them flawlessly.

Green Dragon are much easier compared to other bosses early on, however, you would be required to climb and fight higher difficult bosses as you get stronger. Even King Metal Slime is much easier and a farming source to get a huge XP bonus later on. So the stronger your main party gets, your other monster will gain a significant amount of XP. Simply reset the monsters in the area by teleporting to the nearest waypoint and farm them countlessly.

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