Dragon quest monsters the dark prince – How To Get Green Dragon

Dragon quest monsters the dark princeIn Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, we encounter monsters from all over the zone. Specific monsters appear in their respective seasons, therefore it is hard to find all of the monsters from the beginning. But as you have completed the Story and have free time to experiment and synthesize monsters, we have explained what resources or monsters you need to fuse and get a Green Dragon.

How To Get A Green Dragon In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince?

To get a Green Dragon via synthesizing you will be required to synthesize Ursa Major and Small Fry. Easier said than done, so how can we get Ursa Major and Small Fry?

Ursa Major

To get a Ursa Major, you will be required to access Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym. If you have a Deluxe Edition of the game, then you can scout the Ogre in the Dungeon. There you can find an Ogre easily in the Beast Workout.

Next, you will need an Antguzzler that can be Scouted in the Plain near the Waterfall during the Winter season.

Small Fry

Getting Small Fry is an easy task as you will need to synthesize a Dragon Monster and a Slime Monster to get it.

Once you have both the monster, reach level 10 and perform Synthesis to get your own Green Dragon. For more informative guides on Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, check on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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