Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Fuse Overkilling Machine

Dragon quest monsters the dark prince

In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, overkilling machine monster synthesis is one of the complex synthesis and you will need to fuse various monsters to finally obtain them. This requires you to scout some of the unique monsters that are harder to find.

The best way to get the overkilling machine monster is by getting the Mole Hole DLC. In this DLC you will be able to scout unique monsters that you have synthesized before that are harder to find while exploring.

This will save you countless hours that you might spend to perfect your party. But still, as this is a paid DLC not everyone would like to purchase. Below you will find a detailed guide on fusing the Overkilling machine and all the monsters required for it.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince How To Fuse Overkilling Machine Synthesis Guide

To get the Overkilling Machine with synthesis, you must first synthesize a few other monsters. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to obtain all the monsters required for the Overklling Machine. The list of monsters required for Overkilling Machine are:

  • Maniacal Mole
  • Jinkster
  • Jugular Joker
  • Killing Machine
Maniacal Mole

To get the Maniacal Mole first you need Napir(rank F), to get Napir you will need one material monster and one beast monster. One of the monsters needs to be ranked F. Once you have Napir synthesize it with Bunicorn which you can find in the first area. This will get you the Spiker Hare monster.

Now you will need a Feral Slime(rank F), to get the Feral Slime, you need to synthesize one slime monster and one beast monster. One of them needs to be ranked F. Now fuse Feral Slime with Spiker Hare monster to get Wild Slime.

After that, you will need a Robber Rabbit monster that can be synthesized by fusing Bunicorn and Mischievous Mole. You can find Mischievous Mole in the 1st or 3rd area. Fuse Wild Slime and Robber Rabbit to get Ripped Rabbit. Finally, fuse the Ripped Rabbit with the Mischievous Mole to get the Maniacal Mole.


To get Jinkster you need first to fuse a slime and demon monster and one of them should be G rank to get the Pixie monster. Fuse Pixie with the Lampling monster that you can find in the third area to get Pickayune. Fuse Pickayune with Blinkster which can be found in the third area dungeon to get Jinkster.

Jugular Joker

To get Jugular Joker you need to synthesize Maniacal Mole and Jinkster.

Killing Machine

Getting Killing Machine through Synthesis can also be a bit complex and you need to fuse Skeleton Swrdm and Hunter Mech. Below you will find the list of synthesis to get Skeleton Swrdm and Hunter Mech.

  • Bag o Laughs – Slime + Lampling
  • Slime Stack – Slime + Foo Dog
  • Eggsoskeleton – Feraball + Lampling
  • String Fella – Leery Lout + Bag o Laughs
  • Slime Knight – Leery Lout + Slime Stack
  • Bambooligan – Eggsoskeleton + String Fella
  • Restless Armor – Slime Knight + Bambooligan
  • Hunter Mech – Lampling + Restless Armor
  • Skeleton Soldier – Skeleton(Found in 2nd area) + Restless Armor
  • Skeleton Swrdm – Skeleton Soldier + Skeleton Soldier

Finally, to get the Overkilling Machine you need to synthesize Jugular Joker + Killing Machine. With the Mole Hole DLC, you will be able to scout the unique monster directly that requires multiple synthesize to get the Overkilling Machine quickly.

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