Disney Dreamlight Valley – Lasers And Crafts, Ancient Gemstones

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have an opportunity to befriend them after inviting all the new Disney characters back to their original place i.e. Valley. After increasing the Friendship, you will have an opportunity to unlock more quests after you have completed the base quests. In this guide, we have given a complete walkthrough of Lasers and Crafts and where to get the Ancient Gemstones that will be melted.

Lasers And Crafts Walkthrough Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

EVE’s Lasers and Crafts quest, requires you to assist her in the secret garden to uncover the problem caused by the plants. Firstly, you will need to extinguish the fire. Pour water on them to extinguish them and talk to EVE again.

Talk to Mirabel and you will have some findings to do. Equip your Hourglass, and use it to point out the direction. Follow the direction shown by the Hourglass. If you get closer to the designated area and abruptly the direction changes to the opposite side means you are the correct location.

Ancient Gemstone Location

To find the Ancient Gemstone, you will need to search all the zones of Ancient’s Landing. The drops can be random, so you might get it quickly or will take an absurd amount of time. The nice thing is that if you have cleared an area, the notification will pop out saying “There is no more treasure in this area. Look elsewhere.” So go to each area and find the Ancient Gemstones. We got the Ancient Gemstones in The Docks and The Overlook.

Bring the Ancient Gemstones to EVE and follow her. Talk to her to update the questline where you will need to remove 6x Fire, and 2x Craters. You also need to pick up 2 of those Melted Ancient Gemstones from the craters.

Craft Stone Canvas

After talking to EVE, you will be tasked to craft a Stone Canvas. Go to the crafting station and use both Melted Ancient Gemstones along with the required materials i.e. Plastic Scrap and Quartz under the Furniture section. Plastic Scraps can be found inside the water where no bubbles are formed. Simply use the fishing rod to get a Plastic Scrap.

Take the Stone Canvas to EVE and almost your quest is over. Follow and talk to her when she is available to complete the questline. For more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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