Disney Dreamlight Valley – Catch & Feed The Cobra Favorite Food

disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley got its full release recently and with the game’s full release, a new DLC has been added to the game. In the new DLC, players can find new characters, areas, quests, and animals. One of the new animals you will encounter in the desert biome is a Cobra snake. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get near a cobra and feed its favourite food.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Catch & Feed The Cobra Favorite Food

You can find a Cobra snake in the desert area of the new biome Glittering Dunes. While some people might be scared of snakes, you have nothing to be afraid of feeding one in this game. The cobra will slither away quickly if he gets alerted.

Getting near the cobra is a bit tricky. You need to approach the snake when its head is lowered. This means you can take only a couple of steps before standing still. The cobra will be on alert mode when it lifts its head. Any movement at that time will scare the cobra and it will move away quickly.

So the best method is to take 2-3 steps and stand still. Keep repeating the process till you reach the cobra. When you reach near, it will coil its tail indicating it’s ready to pet. You need to feed the cobra its favorite food in the game, which is “Scorpion”.

To find a scorpion in this game, you need to head to the glittering dunes quicksand area. Look for the brown color area on the left side of Glittering dunes and use your fishing rod on the blue ripples. Once you have the scorpion in your inventory, approach the cobra as mentioned above and you will be able to feed and pet it.

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