Last Train Home – How To Make Money Fast

Last Train HomeGoing full speed ahead towards your destination in Last Train Home, we are bound to survive and manage the economy of the Czechoslovakian Legion for a lengthy journey that we all need to depart together. Scavenging and Foraging are necessary as you need to fill up your resources if you are planning to survive the winter.

Resources play a huge role in earning money quickly. The fastest way you can earn money is by trading or selling items for more profit. Critical decisions such as investing money and resources in necessary upgrades of the train will earn you fortunes in the long run. Therefore in this guide, we have explained what is the best method of farming money and what you need to invest in.

How To Make Money Fast On The Last Train Home?

The game is all about resource management as we need to upgrade our train. The major loss you are going to incur is from using Metal and Gunpowder recklessly. Metal will be used in almost every important Repair and Upgrade which makes it precious. However, it will also be used to craft ammunitions which can be traded for much better value than you sell these two raw materials.

10 Metals and Gunpowders will produce 100 Pistol ammunition in the Workshop. These can be sold for a much better price in addition to generating Engineer XP in Workshop. It has been noticed that Villager’s list of items costs less and sells for more compared to the Merchants and Depots. So, you know where to initiate trading in bulk.

Necessary Approach

As your Metal is used for manufacturing Ammunitions, it is recommended to Repair and Upgrade your train that involves Wood and Cloth. Such as the Infantry Car Heating upgrade, instead of going for “Stove“, the best choice would be to go for Improved Insulation and Additional Sealing. This will require Wood and Cloths instead of Metals, in addition, you will have less consumption of Fuels for the same heating effect.

Different Approach

To say the least, you might consider using the bullets conservatively as we are in the Ammunition business. Take a Stealthy approach to the enemies, as you would want to reduce casualties in your squad and save ammunition. Once Metal becomes a prominent and important resource i.e. responsible for all the upgrades, you can go for crafting Medical Kits. To craft Med-Kits, you will require a Hospital Car.

Kitchen Car can be delayed and installed later in the Chapter as it will burn money instead of making money. However, later in the game, you might be wealthy enough to not even think about these superficial things which can be solved by money easily.

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