Disney Dreamlight Valley The Wild Tangle Find Swarming Insects

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Wild Tangle’s Swarm is a quest from Gaston to find the next scarab piece. After giving some time to Gaston to re-center himself, you can find him on the left side of “The Plain” in Glittering Dunes. It might take 3-4 hours in-game for Gaston to appear again. Below you will find where to find the swarming insects in The Grove and complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Wild Tangle Find Swarming Insects

Once he appears, interact with Gaston and Rapunzel. The next task will be to find Swarming insects in the Grove. You can find the swarming insect on the right side wall of The Grove. The insects will be blocking a pedestal that has a quest item.

After finding the swarming insects interact with Rapunzel and find few resources. These resources are:

  • Green Fly Trap
  • Purple Fly Trap
  • Red Pitcher Plant
  • Yellow Pitcher Plant
  • Tropical Wood

All the traps and plants can be found in the Grassland area and the tropical woods near the trees. Pick up the fallen branches near the big trees. While trap and plant can be obtained quickly finding 12x tropical wood might take some of your time.

Once you have all the resources, go to the crafting station and craft two “Carnivorous Floral Arrangement”. You can find this item under the furniture tab. After crafting place both items near the swarming insect in Grove and talk to Gaston. Return to the swarming insect area in the Grove and you can find the Jungle Scarab Piece from the pedestal.

Interact with Jafar at a hologram station and you will have to find a few resources to repair the Jungle Scarab Piece. The resources required are:

  • Rusty Jungle Scarab Piece (that you have already obtained from the pedestal in The Grove)
  • Dream Shard (you might already have them in your inventory)
  • Mist ( Obtained by completing Mist Duties and using the hourglass)

After gathering the resources, repair the Jungle Scarab Piece on a Timebending table and talk to Jafar to complete the quest.

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